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Plastic has a soul

Our planet’s resources are finite, and we understand the need to move towards complete sustainability in order to conserve resources for the future. We believe we have an important role to play in the supply chain, protecting products from the producer to the consumer.
Here are some of the things we do to make our business and products more sustainable:


We constantly strive to develop optimal packaging. Thinking ahead in product design means we can reduce weight and volume, without compromising the functionality and safety of our packaging.


We encourage minimal use of water and electricity. We try to curtail the overall process waste in our daily work, and prefer suppliers and partners who follow similar principles. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint.


We are experimenting with renewable, recyclable and recycled resins in our manufacturing process, while working with suppliers to acquire recycled materials for future use. We only buy raw materials from world-class suppliers who are able to meet the high standards that we set out.